The Church is Not Closed

 The church is not closed,

The church is deployed

Choose the fast

Loose the bonds

Free the oppressed

Break the yoke

Divide the bread

Feed the hungry

House the homeless

Clothe the naked

Darkness to light

Gloom to midday

Close your doors

Open your hearts

Church closed

Church deployed

Church deployed


Gospel Public services

Gospel voluntary services

Gospel homeless services

Gospel food banks

Graveside gospel

Bands of marriage gospel message

Live streams

Living streams

Gospel food pantry

Gospel soup kitchen

Gospel meals on wheels

Gospel grocery drop offs

Gospel food boxes

Gospel nappie provisions

Gospel clothes release

Gospel keyworker childcare

Gospel books

Gospel bibles

Keyworker vacancies

Witnesses sign up

His church will not disappear into the night

She will rise on the wings of the morning

Kingdom come

Kingdom coming

The church is not closed,

The church is deployed

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