See Beauty

As I look out the window… At a glance the phrase “What a miserable day” would be normality. Grey sky, grey buildings, dirty old cars. But, then if one looks closer it is so different. 

In the midst of grey and dirt is beauty. In the distance trees that have lost leaves blow gently in the wind. Then there are pine trees and bushes full of a huge variety of different greens, all thriving on the rainy weather. As they find nourishment so does my pen. 

Closer I see someone has hung purple and pink flowers by their front door. How do they thrive at this time of year? Are they real? I question myself. 

Standing close by a weather beaten shed is consumed by vines and greenery. Nature sometimes takes over where man has been. 

Much closer to the window is a hedge and then a ramp. The fence on the ramp is covered in yellow flowers. Yellow is my favourite colour. So bright, so vibrant. 

If we look hard enough we can see beauty, if we just allow ourselves. 

As I look out the window.

Where do you see beauty? 

(Originally I wrote this as part of the writers happiness challenge, earlier in the year).

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