Rest and be thankful

Another blog post from the archives, I think from 2019. Brings back memories.
I had a lovely walk with my beautiful wee boy recently. He did very well, being carried and walking all the way. Next time, however, I will choose a different route or perhaps take a buggy. Duddingston is a beautiful old vintage village in Edinburgh. The architecture is very old world. Our first stop was Dr Neil’s Gardens. Full of lovely stone paths and pretty flowers, set in the midst of a wildlife reserve. We didn’t have enough cash so didn’t manage to sample from the cafe, but will next time hopefully. We visited the old Kirk and picked up a couple of bookmarks made by Amos Christian Trust, who also made Ezra’s dedication invites this year. After that we journeyed past the Sheep’s Heid up a hill to the community gardens where there are apple trees and chickens. We came here when he was even smaller and just started to walk (picture below). We kept going up the hill stopping at a bench with a sign that fittingly said “Rest and be thankful” which is what we did. The view was amazing, but the route we finally took down revealed a much more incredible view of the ocean and another Edinburgh skyline. We entered a more modern part of the village and to a local shop for snacks before heading home. The rain managed to stay off through out. It is a beautiful walk and I recommend it to anyone who is able. The phrase “Rest and be thankful” also lingered much of that day in my thoughts. It is sound advice.

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