Love Wins!

Love will win in the end, dear friends.
Love will win.
There are whispers of a word.
Amidst the chaos and confusion of a dark and angry world, it echoes through the mist.
My heart heard this misunderstood little word.
It heard and was blessed.
The word love caused my heart to skip a beat and my soul to become merry.
Could it be that even in mans darkest hours, love still lives?
Indeed it lives and breaths all things pure.
But what is the meaning of such a word?
Could it be the joy of babes playing a merry little din?
Is it the splendour of a spring morning?
Or the beauty of a maidens face basked in sunlight?
Or perhaps its just a word we use in season to gain something in return?
Maybe its just a word the poets like to write?
Nay, it is more.
Surely true love is self-sacrifice.
Its the laying down of ones life for a friend.
Even an enemy.
Its the will to bless those who curse us
To love our haters
To forgive our debtors as Jesus forgives his.
Love is not some superficial myth, but a dream of things better.
It was love that allowed Gods own Son to give himself into mans angry hands.
It was love that sent him beyond this realm to prepare a peaceful place for us.
Our Promised Land, our Paradise.
Yes, behold, it is love that is the greatest thing!

This poem won a prize at All Poetry.

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