His Name Forever Shall Endure

 Written a number of months ago – 

“His name for ever shall endure;  last like the sun it shall. ” (A line from Psalm 72 – Scottish Metrical Version)

I didn’t think I would be able to write much just now. But, after a walk of solitude one day (one government permitted exercise of the day) a few ponderings came to me. I am avoiding a certain topic on the basis of self preservation as it would only add to anxiety. I’m sure most readers know what I mean.

Anyway there is a huge network of woods near my house. I just went exploring and to make it truly a time of solitude avoided the beaten track for a large part of it.

Briefly I forgot I was in Edinburgh and felt as if I was back where the wild things grow. 

Pondering 1 – The Castle: She stands longer than our mortal flesh, but shorter than our immortal souls.

Pondering 2 – The Legends: They also may stand for generations. But, in time they evolve or pass from memory. 

Pondering 3 – The Car: Our impact both good and bad will have an impact for generations to come. Rust and decay will have it all. (Side note: We need to flatten more than one curve and go from climate distruction to climate sustainability). Ponderings 4 – Questions to consider:

What do we trust in?

The non – essentials now gone? 

The essentials we now struggle to get? 



The sustainer of life and souls? 

Our worship or the one we worship? “His name for ever shall endure;  last like the sun it shall. “

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