Happiness Replay

 A positive moment in time was an autumn day when I was sweeping leaves on Kilravock Castle grounds.

These are some feelings in that moment:

Contentment. The gentle breeze touched my cold red cheeks. The leaves rustled as I walked and swept the drive way up to the Scottish Castle, my home and job of those years. A crisp beautiful sound comes from the leaves. It reminds of childhood and a simpler time. I could do this job forever. Not only because I suspected a gust of wind would mess up what I started (and frankly didn’t mind), but also I found something I enjoyed. Hard work outside. It was a job of solitude suited to a contemplative introvert such as I. One of many tasks. But, a special one that made me feel useful and one with the wild wooded Highlands of autumn around me. I felt at home, though I always knew the Castle was not my home, but the home of an ancient clan. Though I simply worked there I found home, not in Castle walls, but in the beauty of nature. I found a moment of contentment.

What is your happiness replay? 

(Originally written as part of The 2020 Writers Happiness Challenge Day 6: Do a Happiness Replay)

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