God of Wonders

 The God with many names,

He has wonder.

Who do you say I am?

A question to his disciples

A question to all of us?

He is Father

His name is hallowed

He and the son are one.

Meditate on the holiness of his names.

Hundreds of names,

Hundreds of qualities.

God of Wonders.

Infinitely wonderful.

Creator King.

Names upon names,

Name above all names.

God of all magnificent


God of all ordinary


God of the everyday


God of miracle


God of simple


God of resurrection wonder

God who raised Christ

God who raises up the needy

God who raises us from the pit.

Blessings of wonder

Blessings new every morning.

Blessings of creation

Blessings of life.

He promises that all things can be made new

Creation groans like a woman in birth pains.

Yet a little longer

The suffering of this time shall surely pass.

He and His kingdom are coming little by little,

wonder, by wonder.

He is our hope of new life in a dying world.

He is God of Wonders and is truly wonderful.

The God with many names,

He has wonder.

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