Day of the Martyrs

 Gathering of light.

Sacred assembly of love.

Age of war, hate, and strife.

The day of the martyrs has just begun.

Blood stained standing stones.

Anabaptists tears, angels song.

The day of the martyrs has just begun.

Ice cracks, foe falls.

Pilgrim saves.

To burning he must go.

Stands fast, dies slow, proclaims love for all to know.

The day of the martyrs has just begun.*

*Published in the anthology Poetic Velocity. This poem reflects on the powerful faith and love of many Christian martyrs. The main one is the story of Dirk Willems who was an Anabaptist Christian martyr. He was being hunted for his faith and he turned back to save his enemy when his enemy fell through some ice. Dirk was burnt at the stake for his faith despite his merciful gesture. He entered heaven with a clean conscience.

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