Nov 4th Global Blogblast for Peace: Peace in the Time of Quarantine

Welcome to my blog blast for peace.

– 2020 –

Please feel free to add to the comments tips on:
 How are you finding peace in the midst of this chaotic time?

How are you finding peace in the midst of this chaotic time?  
7 helpful tips. 
1. Hold onto scriptures that you find encouraging. For example I have a list of verses pinned up in our kitchen that a ministry sent out:
2. As mentioned in a previous post about infodemics it is worth limiting social media if it is gaining to much of a foot hold in your life. 
3. Having said that there are apps out there that help with feelings you may have in this pandemic and in life in general. I started one recently which I was reffered to for my social anxiety, so far fairly helpful. I have also used calming apps in the past, one was secular and one was specifically Christian in nature. 
4. In an age of bad news take time to look for and appreciate good news. For example, recently the Nuclear Ban Treaty has been ratified by 50 nation states making nuclear weapons illegal. Truly good news. 
5. Give thanks. For, example here is a prayer from the Fellowship of Reconciliation giving thanks in regards to the good news above:
6. If you are able why not enjoy an Autumn walk. This season is a wonderful time of colours and crisp air. As mentioned in a previous autumn post I love this time of year, the time when the winds blow. If you have kids why not make it an autumn treasure hunt (always keeping to restrictions in your region of course). 
7. Be gentle with your self and others. Allow yourself to grieve. 
These are just a few tips on finding a measure of peace in these uncertain times. How about you?
How are you finding peace in the midst of this chaotic time?
Feel free to comment at the bottom of the page. 

– 2019 – 

Over the years I have written little snippets and poems on the theme of peace. This year on Nov 4th I am joining other peace bloggers from across the world to share on the theme: Changing your climate. I’m going to collect together a number of pieces I have written to express a yearning for peace, a deep desire for a better world and perhaps a glimmer of hope that things can and will be better. As these have been written over the years some may appear darker than others. Some may even appear optimistic. These come in no particular order, but in the end all reflect a longing for a change in climate. The toxic nature of politics and media these days needs challenged. The climate of division and misery needs to end. Let us not forget the other extinction threat – nuclear weapons. It is time to blog for peace.
1. Letter to the ‘Leaders’ 
From whence cometh wars and rumours of war?
Lust for power as you sacrifice at the altar of your gods. 
Lust for wealth, the love of which is the root of all evil.
Lust that fills the streets with rivers of blood. 
Lust that burns children alive in the name of “a higher cause.”
Lust in the name of dark liquid and swords. 
Lust in the name of your false god Ares. 
From whence cometh wars and rumours of war?
Your lusts! 
2. War 
Blood and guts
Widows crying 
Where is the glory? 
Blood and guts 
Children dying
Where is the glory?
Blood and guts
People dying 
Where is the glory? 
What is it good for? 
3. Not in thy name 
Cruelty and punishment.
They say in thy name.
Do they know what manner of spirit they are of?
Killing and wholesale slaughter.
They say in thy name.
Do they know what manner of spirit they are of?
Not in thy name.
Not in my name.
In theirs.
Not in thy name. 
4. War Child 
Another body on an empty street. 
No wave of flags for this child. 
No red, white and blue. 
No streets lined with mourners. 
No drum beat or trumpet call. 
No red flowers or wreaths. 
No moment silence or vigil mass. 
Worst of all: 
No faith, 
No hope, 
No love, 
None is given. 
This is the death of another nations child. 
5. Fields 
Beautiful sunshine. 
Fields of buttercups. 
Lambs playing in the spring. 
Dark clouds of poison smoke. 
Fields of bones and bodies. 
No one and no creature plays in ‘no man’s land’. 
Sunshine breaking through the clouds in a blue sky. 
Fields golden and ripe for harvest. 
Blackened sky. 
No light or life. 
No one to harvest, no harvest. 
All that is left is the aftermath of slaughter. 
God forgive our heartless species. 
God forgive us! 
6. Vigil for Peace 
Alone it floats on the water, lit by a child, a call for peace amidst the wars. 
Its a sign to beckon the weary to come. 
Slowly more candles are lit, 
More people come. 
They come, not to curse the darkness. 
They simply come to light a candle.
Soon the water reflects so much light. 
Broken and surrendered they come. 
Softly without words or song they minister. 
In prayer and stillness they gather. 
The ever-growing, universal vigil for peace has begun. 
7. Collateral Damage 
You are someones baby, someones child; 
But they call you collateral damage. 
You are someones son, someones daughter; 
But they call you collateral damage. 
You are someones brother, someones sister; 
But they call you collateral damage. 
You are someones father, someones mother; 
But they call you collateral damage. 
They call you collateral damage.
For they know not what spirit they are of. 
8. To the ground 
He falls to the ground. 
Hands over his eyes, he weeps bitter tears of great pain. 
How had things come to this? 
Wiping the blood and tears from his face, he does something he hasn’t done for a long time, he prays. 
With his rifle finally laid to rest, the young soldier looks to the heavens and then across a field of corpses. 
Among the dead he sees a child he killed in the heat of battle. 
The soldiers words echo in the valley of death, God forgive us. 
Forgive us all, sweet Jesus, forgive us. 
To the ground the soldier falls. 
9. They Lie
They send us off to die. 
Blood and tears we cry. 
In the heat of battle we live. 
Our sweat and life we give. 
Bang beats the drum. 
A war never won. 
Vanity and pride. 
The leaders hide. 
Why should this be? 
Indeed the name of the free? 
No, not in my name. 
This is not a game. 
They send us off to die, we shall not go!
For they lie! 
10. New World
I once had a dream of a new world.
I saw a city of crystals, pearls and gold, full of light, guarded by angels of old. 
There was no night
The city was bright. 
A river of pure love flowed through. 
There was no death for me and you. 
No dying, no crying, no sinning. 
A place of no pain or sorrow. 
It is the world of tomorrow. 
11. This is The End
Lay down together, friends.
Roar lion, roar!
Silent lamb to slaughter.
A child will lead them.
Lay down together, friends.
Speak and nations bow.
Swords to ploughs.
The harvest is plenty.
Lay down together, friends.
Prince of peace.
Hallelujah, angels sing.
Saints awake.
Lay down together, friends.
Lay down on holy ground.
Lay down your weapons.
Lay down your burdens.
Lay down together, friends.
This is the end.



– DTH – 

From a scream to a whisper

There is a scream way down deep in my heart and soul.

A primitive scream of mourning, anger and pain.

A scream that should it erupt would shatter worlds.

A scream that if possible would awaken the ancestors and echo into the generations. 

A scream that would make demons tremble and angels take notice.

It is not my scream alone, but a scream of collective force. 

Fires and floods ravaged the years. 

War and racial tension shook the earth. 

Childish leaders oppressed the innocent and child like. 

The species drained the earth of life and resources. 

Disease and pestilence attacked the species. 

‘A pale horse and the one who rides on it is death and hell follows with him.’

What can hold back such a scream? 

In my minds eye I see an empty old rugged cross, an empty tomb, creation groaning in birth pains, hope even in the darkness. 

In my minds eye the scream becomes a whisper, “Be still all peoples, be still creation, be still my soul, be still and know that He is God.”