Blog Relaunch: The Heart of the Matter

It is my deepest desire to return to the heart of the matter. After many, many variations of my blogs and sites I have returned to blogger. My previous blog host kept crashing. I was glad I had backed up some stuff on blogger so all is not lost. This is an opportunity to enter a new season as a blogger and writer. It is also a good opportunity to refocuse on Jesus. So welcome back. Hit subscribe and come along for the ride.


The Heart of the Matter:

 Infinite human depravity and sin.

Infinite love and grace.

Without Him all is lost.

The heart of the problem is the problem of man’s hearts.

‘Vanity of vanities, all is vanity!’ says the preacher.

In a world of cruelty and vanity a saviour came.

Triumphant war Lord?

Nay, a lamb.

Our weakness, he identifies.

Our suffering, he identifies.

The ultimate price buys our liberty:

Join Me!

Follow Me!

Take up your cross!

Liberty is ours!

Darkness and light collide.

Flesh and blood is spilled.

Principalities and powers beware.

The light has come.

Let thy light shine oh God!

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