Behold I Make All Things New

Behold I Make All Things New. 

In the valleys of earth stood a tree.

A giver of good and evil, a provider of knowledge.

All kinds of seed giving plants covered the earth.

A beautiful forest.

In the gentle wind they sung hymns, a symphony of joy to the creator.

One day a darkness fell all across the earth.

It was a thick darkness.

The seeds shrivelled and died.

The trees fell one by one and began to rot.

Behold a dry barren wilderness.

No life, only death.

The prominent tree of the valley provides no good fruit.

She is cut down and cast into the fire.

Hope seems lost.

A valley of dry bones and dead trees.

An unstoppable fire.

But, the gardener is at work claiming victory over the fire.

The fire subsides, but he has only just begun.

His will is to breathe life into the earth.

Birds eat some of the seeds, rocks prevent growth giving no roots, some choke in the thorns.

But, in good soil the mustard seed falls.

From the smallest of seeds comes a lonely but mighty tree.

Its roots dig deep and it spreads up and out.

The tree is planted by a river.

The river is a giver of life, the tree flourishes. 

In the pale moonlight there is a shadow of a man hung upon a tree. 

The trees name is Life! 

His blood waters the earth as does this midnight storm. 

The branches shake his outstretched arms. 

Seeds fall like dead into the earth and from thence they grow. 

Though he dies yet he shall live. 

Life! Beauty! Hope! 

“Behold I make all things new.” 

“Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life…”

Behold I Make All Things New. 

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