Advices and proverbs for you and I

Our eyes they look like galaxies.

We are only guests on this earth for a short time.

Dust blowing in the sands of time.

Vapour that appears for a time, but fades away.

For such a time as this let us live and love in the light of these truths.

Take each moment as a gift.

How lightly we must tread this fine line between life and death.

Honour life’s fleeting nature in the light of eternity.

Do not be indecisive in this life of brevity.

To decide not to decide is to decide already. 

Let your yay be yay and nay be nay.

Choose now who you will serve.

The one who calms our every fear or the one who uses it as a weapon?

That dream God put on your heart, but fear stopped you, all those what ifs, just feel the fear and do it anyway.

Progress is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to walk through it.

As we recognise God is our refuge and guide we begin to see we need not be anxious for he has overcome the world.

The fear fades in the light of his eternity.

He is a lamp unto our feet.

He is a light unto our path.

Let his light shine within us.

Let his light shine through us.

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