A Statement Of Faith

1. Jesus Christ is God manifest in the flesh, and apart from Him the true God can not fully be known, worshipped, or acknowledged. Jesus is fully revealed as the God who is love and whose gospel is peace.
2. Salvation is by faith in the atoning blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, apart from all human works and character. It is by Grace we are saved not by works, it is a gift from God, obtained through faith.
3. It is the supreme obligation of every saved person to obey the Lord Jesus Christ. We will fail no doubt often in this for we are mere humans – but our aim should be holiness. The two golden rules are to love God and love each other (even to love enemies). This is the kind of active faith that can change the world for the better.
These three points are the pillars of my faith – the deity of Christ, salvation by faith in Him, obedience to His word. Do you believe these three things and if not why not take it into consideration?

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