Passover comes – Calvary is near. You are anointed in love. Prepared for burial – You know what is to […]

The Still Small Voice

“And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still […]

Autumn Leaves

 The time when the winds blow. I lift up my colar to shield from the wind. It is cold, but […]

It is Finished

Finished Bloody Palms Bloody Crown Bloody Ground Bloody Nails Radiant Light Third Day Rising Finished, but Just Begun* *This poem […]

They Lie

 They send us off to die. Blood and tears we cry. In the heat of battle we live. Our sweat […]

To The Ground

 He falls to the ground. Hands over his eyes, he weeps bitter tears of great pain. How had things come […]

The Sunrise Is Coming

When I look at this world I feel a deep pain. A burden in my soul. This overwhelming sadness threatens […]

Collateral Damage

You are someones baby, someones child; But they call you collateral damage. You are someones son, someones daughter; But they […]

The Light Has Come

 Offer pigeon not lamb.  Not the wealthiest in the land.  Not the most religious plan: ‘Hush now Mary, no one […]

Finders Keepers

 I seek you. I long for you. I seek with all my heart. In this world of sin, We need […]