Be Still

 Once there was an old man who took his grandson a walk in the countryside. The old man’s face was […]

To The Ground

 He falls to the ground. Hands over his eyes, he weeps bitter tears of great pain. How had things come […]

A Stand

*The lone figure emerges from the mist, his long white beard blows in the wind. A peculiar sight for guard […]


 Grace Alone. My heart yet afar off. Christ dies for me.  My heart drawn to Him.  Christ rises for me.  […]

His Kingdom Come

 Where is Hope? The Saviour: “Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.” The Martyr: “Father forgive them for […]

Good Friday

 Scene 1 (The upper room): Take the bread. Take the cup. Be blessed. Foot washing. A final meal, a humble […]

Happiness Replay

Contentment. The gentle breeze touches my cold red cheeks. The leaves rustle as I walk and sweep the drive way […]

A Statement Of Faith

1. Jesus Christ is God manifest in the flesh, and apart from Him the true God can not fully be […]